Sunday, October 12, 2008

Deployments Suck!!!

Well Matt has made it safely back to Kuwait unfortuantly. He is now waiting on flight back to Iraq. Yet we both wish he could turn around and get on a flight back to the states but we know that can not happen due to the simple fact that he signed up for this. Thankfully though this deplotyment will be over in less than 4 months and then we will be able to get back to NORMAL Life. The hardest thing about sayign goodbye is watching the girls have to say goodbye. While it is hard on me It is harder on them because they really have no clue what is going on (we try not to worry the kids). The kids did really good until Matt got thru the security checkpoint na dthey could no longer touch him. That was when they lost it. As we were driving home the girls were cryign for thier dad. We are now home and tryign to settle back into the routine but there have been a few issues where they both want thier dad(bedtime is the hardest).

Yet on the other hand once this deployment is over we both have so much to look forward to like me finishing college, getting out of the Army and moving back to Nashville(Yippeee).

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Brandi said...

Yeah, I'm thrilled for you guys too ... But not as excited as you are about Nashville, LOL ... Wish you were moving closer to here! But hey, Nashville's better than Texas, huh?