Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Week!!!

Well Last Wednesday started my weight loss journey at trying to get from 151 to 135. After eating right and walking everyday except Sunday, I managed to get from my starting weight of 151 to 147. This is one pound away from my goal of 5 pounds before May 31st.

This week I am shooting to lose another 2.5 pounds but I am realistic and know that this week may be a struggle for me. So starting tonight, Wednesday and Thursday I am going to add another mile to my journey.

Another struggle for me will be that this week is Kylie's birthday and I am making a cake, while I will allow myself a small piece I know that it will be hard. Also another problem this week is that we are going to Dallas on Friday and will not be back until Monday at the earliest. Not sure I will be able to get my walk in but will have to be very careful about what I eat!!

Hopefully next Tuesday when I weigh in the scale will still love me. LOL

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