Friday, May 15, 2009

No news is good news!!

Yet waiting for the word is starting to make me very nervous. Matt tested in April during the last weekend for the dallas pd. They told him that if we did not hear from them then that is a good thing because it means he has passed his civil service test. Yet with so many people going through background checks they are a month behind in thier Bi's.

Why is this so stressful you ask?

Matt will be leaving the army in July and while we will have a paycheck unti then and do have some money in savings it is worrysoem time becasue we still have bills, plus 2 kids who always need new clothes,and we must eat. We are hoping to hear from the Dallas Pd by June at the latest. Please say a short pray for us that Matt gets a job in Dallas and that I can find a job soon.

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