Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation/Mother's Day Weekend

So my weekend really started on Thursday when I picked up my parents from the airport. They came to town to celebrate my graduation form college with my Social Work Degree. By Thursday night my in laws were here and my husband grandparents were up in Natichoces(1 hour away). On Friday we got up super early as we had to be at graduation by 9 am. By 10 am the gradation was starting and I was walking in to get my degree which has not always been easy to get. Then after graduation we went to Lunch at Copelands which was awful. We waited 2 hours for our food and they did not comp us anything. I will not be recommending it to any one ever. On Saturday we went to chucky Cheese for Kylie birthday which is in a few weeks. We then came back to the house and my in laws took the kids swimming. On Sunday we went to breakfast before taking my parents back to the airport.

Mother's day was spent trying to catch up on my sleep. Yet, that did not happen. I did get some great graduation gifts which does include money. Matt got me a Nintendo ds which I have been wanting for a while. Now I am going to spend the week relaxing, packing and packing!!


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Any update/request for this week's His will Wednesday post? Let me know so I can include you, if you would like.