Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So my interview is on Friday. My family and I will be going to Dallas together since my husband's birthday is tomorrow. While I was not nervous until about 2 hours ago I am now feeling like I need to vomit. My husband says that I need to be confident which I am sure I will be in the interview as I do not know the people. Yet, tonight my husband was asking me some simple questions and I felt so nervous that I started laughing histercially which is what I do when I am nervous. I am hoping that I do great on Friday and am offered a job.

The thing that has me the most nervous is all the questions that I am not 100% how to answer like
What are your weaknesses?
While this question should be easy to answer. It is not becasue how many of us want to admit our fault. After a lot of thought I have decided to answer this question honestly by saying that I do not alwasy know when to say which can lead to be overburden with other people's problems. I am also going to say that I am very structured person which does not always allow me to go with the flow of life. However I am working on this.

Where do see yourself in 5 year?
This question is another that for soem unknown reason has me going nuts. My answer is going to be that I would like to be finishing up my Masters's of Social Work, hopefully getting ready to start my LCSW. I would also like to be working with children who are in the foster care system or with children who have been physically or emotionally abused.

Why did you become a Social Worker?
This question should defintley be a no brainer but for me it was not that easy of a decision. My husband says that I should say that I started out as a education major but after I got my AA degree and moved to Lousiana I decided that I did not feel that I was called to be a teacher. Yet, after having dealt with some persoanl family issues when I was younger I felt that if I could stop one child from going thru the pain I wnet thru then I was making a small difference in that childs life.

Why do you want to work Here?
Ok no brainer I should have this answer nailed yet I am stumped. This company has so many different services that our offered that I was interested just because of that. How should I answer this. Do I be honest and say that I loved that fact that they offer so many different services to the cleints they help. Or should I say something else and if so what????

These questions may seem like they would be easy; yet for some reason I am stumped by these 4 questions. Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog


♥ Jess ♥ said...

You'll do FINE! I promise. Just relax and take a deep breath.

Brandi said...

I agree with Jess, Jess. LOL!!

No, seriously. I think you'll do great too, and I liked the stuff you wrote. Give that for your answers, and you're good. Just be honest, dude. They were good answers, and your honesty will show.

truelifeofjess said...

I gave my answers as best I could but did bumble alot thru the answers. I was so nervous I almost threw up. Plus I told them I was nervous.