Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Week Left

It is hard to believe that next week we will be leaving the Army. While is has not always been easy due to 2 back to back deployments it has been a good life. It has allowed me to finish college, get out of credit card debt, buy a new car, and it has allowed us to provide for our kids.

While we will not be officially out of the Army until July yet we are going back to civilian life early(DH will get a check until then) which will be a challenge due to the fact that we have no jobs, still have bills to pay and 2 kids to support with no health insurance. I have been fortunate to save about 11k but that will not last too long. We are hoping this money will get us thru the next 6 months. DH and I have agreed that if our money dips below 5 k than we are going to both get part time jobs until we are able to get full time jobs. We are also hoping to get about 4500 from the Military as they pay for you to move back to your home of origin. . Also, please pray for me I have a heart condition and can not be without medical insurance too long.

While in the Army I have made some great friends which have now all moved on to other post. I am definitely going to miss those girls. We spent 14 months together, were there for each other when something bad had happened. We watch each others kids grown up and now they are on the east coast and we are moving farther West. So sad to be leaving my wonderful army family.

I am ready to see what god has in store for us( Hopefully a Job for me in the next month).

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