Sunday, July 5, 2009

At a Inpass

Oh where oh where do I began. Last night DH and I were sitting on the couch talking about a friend of mine who just had a little girl. I said to him I can't wait until we have another. Well the reaction I got was not one I was hoping for. He said maybe. Well about a year ago DH and I discussed having another baby and at that time I told him if we were going to try later on than I would a IUD rather than get fixed. He said we can try in a few years so go ahead and get the IUD. Well I have the IUD and am waiting paitently until we can try one last time. Yet, last as we were trying to discuss it he looked at me and said " I can't say I want more" What if he would ahve told me a year ago then fine I would have gotten fixed becasue it would have been free. Yet, now as we are about to lose our helath insurance he tells me this. I am so hurt by this because he knows I want more, I am cofused too beacuse we had both agreed we wanted more and now he changes his mind

What should I do?

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