Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Dallas

We this week(and it is only Wednesday) has been a very busy and axious time. I will start with the past days events.

Monday- DH and I woke and knew that we needed to get to the bank, get a carpet cleaner, finish packing the kitchen up and pick up the moving truck. We thankfully were able to do all of that plus the DH was able to clean the carpets upstairs. We picked up out budget truck, took it to have it weighed and then came home to start packing it. Thankfully my father in law was here to help and they did most of it. I was able to clean the kitchen and playroom. They were able to get everything packed. Thank Good. The best news of Monday is that Matt missed a call from the Dallas Police. He called them back and they are now going to start the Background check which can take up to 6 weeks. We are hoping it won't. Now why is this good news you ask. Well when I woke up Monday morning I said it would be a good thing moving to TEXAS with no jobs if either DH or I had heard from our jobs. I was so excited.

Tuesday-DH and I woke at 645 to finish packing as the woman would be there at 1030 for our inspection. During those hours we were able to get both vechiles weighed(we get paid to move depending on the weight of our junk), return the cleaner, finish packing said trucks and finish cleaning. Well the woman showed up at 1015 and was there for 10 minutes. We did have to pay 90 bucks to move but not to bad (since some people have paid up to 4500), We left Fort Polk at 1130 and I did the first driving of the big truck. not fun as the road to the highway is very curvy and people drive 80 milees on it. I went 50 max. Matt drove the rest of trip from the Texas line to Dallas. We made it here at 6pm last night. Had dinner and tried to relax.

Wednesday- Sign our lease and move in. Will have updates later.

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