Saturday, May 1, 2010

About time for an update!!

I am still around and kicking. It has been a crazy few months in my life and I am just getting caught up.SO here is an update on my life

Matt is doing great. He has had a few rough weeks at work but will be finished with the police acadmey in 20 days. I can hardly believe it. Will be weird when he starts working night shifts but I think I am ready for it. Lol

Kylie is doing great in school and will be moving on to 2nd second. She will also be turning 7 soon which is so hard to believe. She has been doing great in school. SHe loves math but is not a fan of reading which is weird since I love to read.

Maddison is going to be 5 in August. Man where does time go. 2 weeks ago I had quite a moment/milestone where I had to register her fro Kindergarten. I left the registrations so upset. In the medical news with Maddison we found out that she has the same heart condition I have but it is not as severe as mine. Thank God.

Well the Month of March at work was really hard because I had 50 plus cases which does not sound like a lot but trust me it was. Between myself and my boss I am now have 26 cases which is so much easier. Other than that there has not a lot going on with me other than the normal stuff. I am still trying to decide if I want to go back to school but there is alot of factors involved which is why I have not made a decision. I am still thinking and praying.

Well that is all for now but be on the lookout for some new post.

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