Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do you play favorites??

So I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about if parnets really paly favoirtes in their family.

I can say in my family when I was growing up therer were defintie favoirtes and I was no one. When I lived with my Mom and brother, she would favor him over me becuase she only eanted to have a boy and was not happy that she had a girl.

When I went to live with my dad, stepmom and her children, I was hopefull things would change but this time I can say that I was not the least favorite but that that slowly chnaged as my attiudte towards my step mother chnaged and her and I no longer got a long. I am still no longer the favorite of the family and I am ok with that because I dont have to live up to other people's expectations.

So where does this lead me. Lately I have been thinking if I had been playing favoirtes with my own children and I wish I could say that I dont but I have to say that I play favoirtes on both girls for different things.

For Kylie she is my favoirte when she gets in bed and goes to sleep without fighting. On the other hand she drives me nuts when in the morning she won't get up. Biggest pain in the world. Maddison on the other hand will fight sleep for 3 hours and get up the next morning no problem.

I also think I play favoirtesw when it comes to punishment. With Kylie all we have to do is ground her and she gets back in line and we have no problems for a while. Yet Maddison on the other hand we could beat(we don't) and she would look at us and ask us for another spanking(she has done this)

Yet in the end I love my girls equally and would give the same punishment to both girls due to the crime they commit.

What do you think, do you play favoirtes?

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Brandi said...

I don't think that constitutes playing favorites with the girls. It's just that you parent each child a little differently in respect to their different personalities. We all feel differently toward our children ... maybe not because one is a favorite and the other is not, but simply because one is one and the other is the other.

I know that parent Piglet and Teenybop differently ... but it isn't because one is a favorite and the other is the black sheep. It is just because one is a rambunctious six year old that drives me crazy because she is just like me, and the other is a baby who doesn't know any better yet.

Go easy on yourself ... your awareness of yourself as a mother and the strength with which you fight becoming your own mother will protect your daughters, and I think you're doing just fine.