Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life lessons for my daughters!!!

I saw this idea over at my best friends blog (http://lifeandtimesofbrandi.blogspot.com/)and diecided that I wanted to particapte but I tweaked it some. I think there are all life lessons that girls/young women should learn from thier mothers

5 things I want them to know about me
1. That when the going got tough I never gave up. I think too many people take the easy way out and I can say I have never tired to do that
2. That I am a daughter of god and I will see them in heaven.
3. I want them to understand the relationship I have with my parnets and also my mother. I think they need to know at some ppoint all i went thru but I will ot tell them until they are older.
4. That i wanted them very much and was happy to give them life and that they have given me so many blessings and joy
5. That I would not change one minute of my life.

5 Things I want them to learn from me
1. How to put make up on properly. I refuse to have slutty girls
2. How to chose a mate that will love/honor/ cherish them.
3. How to give back to others
4. How to love god and to follow and obey his word as best as they can
5. That whatever path thier life takes thme I will support them even if they are not something I would agree with.

5 things they need to never give up on
1. Thier life. Regardless of how hard life may get they should never think about hurting themsleves
2. Each other. They are the only sisters they will ever have and they need to cherish that
3. Thier education- As long as they do what they want to do they need to keep working on bettering thier lives
4. Best Friends- They need to make a life long buddy becuase I know without Brandi I would have not known where to turn
5. God- They always need to love/honor and obey god regardless of life.

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Brandi said...

" ... life long buddy ... "

I can still picture us chatting it up when we're so old that even our voices sound wrinkly and we have to shout to be heard. LOL.