Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where does the time go!!

In my life in the past year there have been several big changes and it hard to believe that a year has passed.
Last May I finally earned my college degree. I left school not knowing if I would find work because of the down economy. Yet a year later I sit with a job that can drive me nuts some days but I also sit with a job that I love on some days. Yes helping people can be hard but also rewarding. You never know when you may bring someone some small sense of peace. This job has provided me and the girls with good health insurance and a big sense of peace because I can pay my bills.
The other big change in our lives at this time was that we were prepapring to leave the Army. Where we have endured several deployments but we also enjoyed alot of stability. We left the army with some money in our account, no jobs and 2 kids to take care of. We left the army with the small hope that matt would get hired by the dallas Pd. Yet we did not know if/when that would happen. I am thankful that he did get hired by the Dallas pd becuase it allowed us to make another big change.
This last big change was buying the new house. Even though it seems like we are never going to be out of debt we have a house where we can raise our childrne without having to worrying about staying in an apartment.

Yet here we siit a year later with a new house, jobs and we are healthy at this time.

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