Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update on My Weight Loss Goals.

So this past week I have been doing weight watchers. I am not doing it online or in meetings I am just counting my points and keeping track of the amount of caloires I eat. This week was a pretty good week but the real test will be tomorrow when I weigh in. These are the goals of last week

No caffiene- I did really good on this, I did have a day where I was craving soda, but I did not check give in. - completed
No Fast Food- so I so did not do good on this. I had Wendys for lunch one day, then had mall food, then had a funnel cake and schlotszky's one night- Not completed
30 minutes of walking- I did this on wednesday, friday and Saturday. While it was not other day I did pretty good- Completed
Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks- Completed
Drink 8 glasses of water- completed

New Goals for this week
1. Caffiene- Can have one caffiene drink everyother day. I am looking forward to having an iced coffee but it will be part of my points.
2. Fast Food- I will allow myself one day out
3. Walk at least 45 minutes every other day.
4 Eat more fruit-at least 3 servings a day
5. Water- at least 10 glasses a day

I will post my weigth tomorrow on offical weigh in day.

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Brandi said...

I'll be watching and I hope the weigh-in goes well for you! I'm not sure how it will look for me since I've not been very strict with myself ... but I am noticing that my clothes are looser so no matter what the scale says, I am happy for this week.

BTW, girl you have got to make it so that your blog will syndicate full posts and not just a teaser. Then I can read the whole post in my feed reader, LOL!