Saturday, July 10, 2010

My struggle with weekend eating

So all thru the week I do a great job with my eating. I have 3 meals a day plus my 2 snacks of fruit. I also have all my 8 glasses of water. Yet on the weekend, all I want to do is eat and eat and eat. On friday we went to the water park here in Dallas, I did most of the day, I had my breakfast bar before we went to the park, then I had a grilled chicken salad at the park with ranch dressing and water, then came my stuggle. I love love love funnel cakes and when I saw one I knew I wanted one or 3. Yet, I tried to resist it all day. At about 4 pm my craving got the best of me. I got a funnel cake and a bottle of water. Well I ate about 3/4 of it. Yet I did not reliaze until I got home how many caloires was in one. There are 767 caloires in them and 44 grams of fat. Needless to say when I reliazed that I modified what dinner would be. I ended up having a bowl of soup, some crackers and some oranges. Then I went and walked/ran for 40 minutes. Today I have been somewhat better. I had my ceral bar fro breakfast, had 4 glasses of water before lunch then had some asian chicken wraps, rice cake and oranges for lunch. I then had another orange for sanch. Yet here I sit waiting for Matt to bring me back a sandwhich from Schlotszkys. While I only plan on having the sandwhich I know I am going to go walk and run my dinner off. Yet it won't be enough because I am sure my weight will be up. Help how do I conquer the weekend eating blues?

Tomorrow Night I will update you on my goals from last week and modify them for this week

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