Saturday, October 13, 2012


There are event in our lives that make us stop and fell bad for ourselves. I know that was the case for me.

I know that right after my divorce I was telling Brandi how my ex and his new wife ruined my life. Yet at the time I did not realize how much my life would get better but harder.

Yet at the same time my ex and his new wife thought that life would be perfect. From what I can tell and I know it has not need easy.

His new wife was a friend of mine who had a baby and in my opinion was looking for someone to take care of get. She was still living at home and working as a waitress

Well here comes my ex looking like a Great War hero with all the crap stories he fed her, the fact that I was a horrible wife and he was being mistreated . Of course she fell for him. At first my anger was so bad that I would call her horrible names. Yet that anger is backing off and all I have for her now is sympathy and empathy.

Why do you ask?

Well I think my ex was not 100% honest with her about financial things. However he really has a hard time being honest. They are having so many money problems that she is working so much and bills are my getting paid. She has no health insurance for her child which is horrible because he and my girls are the true victims here and she wants to go home but can't because of my kids.

As this situation has become one that is less about how I feel. I can honestly say that I feel bad for her.

Sometimes it takes someone leaving you to see what you are made of.

Thanks  Matt for leaving me!!

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