Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

I know that many people  set new years resolutions however many people do not hold to these!! This year I have set goals because goals are more obtainabble

1. Pay off Credit Card Debt- I have roughly 14k dollars in credit card debt!!
2. Lose 50lbs
3. Have an emergency fund of 5000 dollars
4. Start saving for a house- My goal for this one is to have 2000 dollars by the end of 2013!

With the last year I had to put alot of stuff on credit card due to my divorce. This year I want to get it paid down and paid off. I hope to get it down to zero but I am realistic and know that if I can pay off at least 10k I will be happy. Once the cards are paid off I plan to put them in a card of peanut butter and stick them in the deep freezer. I know extreme but I need to keep this debt off, as I start paying on my student loans in 2014.

I am still working on my weight loss goal and plan to stay on track with losing weight!!

The last year I have had several car emergencies pop up!! New transmission, new tires, new alternator, new timing belt, and more and more and more!! As you can see I must have this fund in case I run into this issue again. This one will be tough as I WILL be focusing on my debt but I plan on getting this done!!

I do not plan on buying a house for probably 10-15 years as I want to buy a house in North Carolina!! During the time that my girls are young I will be putting money aside each year so that when they graduate from high school, I will be able to move and have the money ready to put down on a home!!

As you can see I many goals that are for this year but are also for the next several years has I get ready for new phases of my life

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