Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking Back

In less than a month I will be the big 30. I remember when I was a teenager thinking that it was so far away and that It would never happen And yet here it is.

There were so many things that I experienced in my 20s that were great events and some that were not. I would have to say the biggest and greatest events of my 20s were the birth of my kids. The second greatest was completing my bachelors degree and starting my masters degree. I definitely have to say that the first accomplishment helped me with my second accomplishment.  I know that had I not had Kylie at age 21 there is no way I would be where I am now! I am extremely greatful to that little girl coming along when she did because it saved me from going now the wrong path.

There were other happy memories that I experienced in my 20's. my wedding. While it did not last and we are now trying to co parent the girls it showed me that l can be loved the way I am supposed to. While it did not last and I  saddened by that it brought me to the place where I am. Without it I would not have expierenxex the birth of my second little girl. I would have never met the great people I met in the military and I would have never ended up in Texas. I take many memories from that time but it is now time to look forward.

Over the next few weeks leading up to my bday I will post different post about things I want to do and hope to accomplish in the next decade.

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