Saturday, January 26, 2013

Motivation and Determinatio

As I mentioned in the past I have been so busy at work. On Sunday and Monday of this week I walked 4 days each week and I made a statement on facebook that I wanted to walk 16 miles by today. Well as the week went on I was unable to get a good workout in at all this week. So today I was on the phone with my BFF Brandi and I told her I was going to walk 8 miles. Well she was with me when I started and completed the first 5 miles which was close to an hour and half of walking.  However by the time I hit mile 5 I was done and did not want to do anymore.  We were still on the phone and she was doing sit ups. Well she challenged me to go back out of my house and walk the last remaining  3 miles. So I agreed that I would walk the 3 miles if she agreed to do 20 more sit-ups. Well guess what I was able to walk 16.5 miles this week. My goal now is walk 5 miles a day when I can. This will be Saturday, Sunday and possibly Mondays.  I am still working on doing a marathon/5k which is looking like it will be in the fall since school is nuts right now

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Life Happens said...

Good for you and your friend. Wha a great way to motivate each other.