Friday, April 20, 2007

Life by myself

Since my husband has been gone I have been having a lot of issues with it. I am constantly worry that something will happen to him and I will be left to raise our two kids toghter and then i worry abotu how will I support them since I am still in school. I have also been worryign about him not coming back the same. It is hard to think that somethign could be wrong with him when he gets back and no longer loves me.
This has probably been the hardest thing I have evr done but I a praying that everthing will work out and he will still love me as much as he did when he left.
The good thing is that we have talked about having another baby and I think he has finally decided that we will try and then in a few years go for it. I want another one so bad and due to some problems we had to make a hard decison about a situtaion and it has left me lovign him more because he was willing to stick by me.
Another bad thing about him being gone is that I can't workoout on the weekEND BUT i do try to stay as active as possible.
Well after walkign yesterday I am now down to 221.5 which is great because it has been so hard to get the weigh off before. I am more determined because I want to be hot for my husabnd and also I want to be more healty.

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