Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moving and dieting

The last few dats I have been moving inot my apartment and have not had a lot of extar time which means I have not been able to work out as much but since I was able to eat good it seemed like a plus. Well yesterday i moved all of my boxes upstairs by myself(husband is still gone) and when i had weiged myself this morning I weighed 224.5 which is what I weighed befor ethe move which is good because I did not gain any weight. Then this morning I weighed myslef and I was down to 223. Which is great.
Then I decided to go walk this mornign and when I did I did a extar mile which means now I am up to 2 miles which does not seem like alot but for me it is.

I feel great. Hopefully I can lose the 25 pounds I want to lose before hubby get back.

Brandi thanks for supporting me no matter whatwe have been thru.

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Brandi said...

WooHoo!!! You go sistah!!! Make the "family" proud!!