Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Silence is defined as the absence of sound.

So I have decided that I hate the silence. Once the kids are in bed and asleep I walk around my house trying to keep busy and even finding ways to make myslef go to sleep. Even having the tv on does not help becasue the silence is always following me. In a room full of people I can hear the silence of my house and bed calling me. The silence in my life will not leave until my honey returns from war. Silence is something that I live with but I can honestly say I hate it. I have learned to live with it but I will never get use to it.


Brandi said...

Want to borrow Teenybop? She's good at making noise all the time ... even at night?

Seriously, dude, call me.

truelifeofjess said...

Yeh my kids make noise in thier sleep but even with them around the silence surrounds me. Lol. I would call if my cell phone was not acting up.lol