Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water and Soda

SO I one of my goals for this weight loss was to stop drinking caffiene. sSO far i have been doing good with it. Today I did not get my 8 glasses of water until about 20 minutes ago but I did manage to get my 8 glasses. Yet I was craving some soda, I knew that I had soem diet dr pepper in the frige but I did not want to blow my goals by drinking regular soda so I went to Traget and bought caffiene free diet soda. The funny thing is that by the time I got home and put it tin the fridge I did not want it. I have figuredd that I will have it in case I have a rough day. I also realized that I need to make my water flavored or I can't drink it.

So far so good on my diet. I will update in a few days on any other struggles I am having.

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Brandi said...

I have read some things lately that are pretty exciting about the health qualities of green tea and white tea, so that's what I've been making. It's an adjustment to learn to drink it unsweetened (you can make it weak) ... but the teas come with citrus flavors or you can use something like pomegranate juice to sweeten it. Tea itself has no calories, but is full of good things like antioxidants. I have seen a major improvement in my fluid consumption since I started the tea thing, and since I like tea either hot, cold, or room temperature, I don't have worry about waiting after it brews until it cools, or re-cooling it if my ice melts. I have been drinking tons of tea and enjoying it lots.

Worth a try if you like tea.