Friday, March 2, 2012

Debt Snowflake Challenge

So Melissa over at has been doing a debt snowflake challenege where you work to get your debt paid down by using money that you "find". I have been debating about doing this because with my divorce and everything I have alot of debt. Alot of the debt I have has been incured becasue of my divorce hwoever I am hoping to be completey credit card debt free by January 2013. I also have alot of student loan debt that I will start paying off ina few years and a car payment that I would love to have paid off before I graduate from Grad school. Below is the amount that I have current as of March 1st 2012.

Capital One- 3985


Best Buy -1315



Personal loan-1000

I this is a combine total of 17,194 just in credit card debt.

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