Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weight Loss Update

So as I mentioned yesterday I met with my trainer and she decided that she was going to do by body weight measurments and check my body fat. I was not too happy with body fat becasue it was only 1 percent however the measurements were off the wall in losing

I dont know all the before measurmnest but I know how much was lost off of each area.

Left/Right bicep- 1 inch- This is awesome becasue I never lose in my arms.

Chest- 1 Inch- again another place hard for me to lose

Waist- 5 inches

Hips- before 60 inches (not the best number) after 48 inches = 12 inches lost in like 2 weeks on my hips.

I am hoping to keep at it and see the scale go down and my clothes fit better.

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