Saturday, December 1, 2012

Decemeber Challenge

On Facebook I follow several weight loss pages. These pages are of people who are on the same journey that I am on. This month one of the ladies posted a squat challenge. Each day you do a certain number of squats and the total for the month is 1640. I decided to practice in that challenge but to change it up some and do crunches. Now I don't have a set number per day but mu goal at the end of the month is 2500. Yes you read that right 2500. I will add a tracker on the side of my blog and update it weekly. Also for December I want to burn 2500 calories. I am aiming for more but really want 2500. I also have been doing a walking challenge where i am trying to reach 100 miles walked. I have been working on this one since November. I will trackers to the side for each goal. Can't wait to see if I can do it all!!

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